Toronto International Student Animation Festival

Graphic Design

The Toronto International Student Animation Festival, initially founded as a school-board sponsored event, was looking to get a total refresh done on all of its existing brand elements as it prepared to expand outward during its fourth & fifth year, transitioning into a privately-held, unaffiliated public venture.

Prior to the revamp work I did, the central icon for the festival was a Cycladic head sculpture, extending from posters and promotional materials all the way to the actual physical trophies awarded at each year's ceremony. I knew I wanted to carry that motif over in some form, and after a number of revisions, the shape of the head was echoed symbolically in a newly illustrated logo. The other big goal on this project, seeing as how it was an event that celebrates the art and animation of young people, was to inject colour and life into the promo materials where they had previously been a little more stuffy & tame.