Art Direction / Graphic Design / Illustration / Identity Design

SNAFU Inc. was founded by a friend in 2009 (my god, time flies when you're playing with vectors) in the interest of building & bolstering a local, independent music scene for areas of the GTA that otherwise had none. This synched up perfectly with my own need to get my then-green designer feet wet, so I took the opportunity and ran with it, adding visual support wherever possible.

With no pre-established assets to build from whatsoever, I worked closely with SNAFU’s founder to create the brand’s overall identity & aesthetic which grew outward from a logo and marketing collateral to ultimately encompass show posters, stage scrims & banners, tickets, buttons, stickers, & t-shirts. SNAFU’s younger target audience and anti-establishment mentality offered me the freedom to really swing for the fences creatively and be bold with colour and imagery in ways many other projects wouldn’t allow for.