Femme Fitale

Web Design & Development | View Demo

In tandem with the visual elements for Booty Camp's sister venture Femme Fitale, I also lead the design & development of their completely scratch-built web site.

For a company that managed all of its business online, the site needed to serve several different functions - as marketing tool, it needed to educate & inform any potential clients driven there from external ads and efficiently convert those visitors into sales. For current and renewing clients, it needed to provide consistent, up-to-date class information as well as serve up any digital/downloadable components included with their program, and it also needed to be able to recruit potential new employees while providing a common online HQ for the current crop of geographically-scattered instructors to access class data and internal communication.

Phew! Visually, I stayed in line with the 'tough-yet-feminine' design principles established for the brand as a whole, and kept the UI as sleek as possible without sacrificing accessibility.